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Plant loquat as a hedge

A perfect alternative to conventional hedge planting is to use the glossy loquat. The evergreen Photinia looks much more impressive as a hedge. The glossy loquat, whose botanical name is Photinia and is translated from the Greek with glossy, belongs to the rose family and the genus of pomaceous plants.
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Home & garden

Azaleas: Detect and fight diseases and pests

Azaleas are very robust plants. Improper care, however, can lead to diseases and pests. Here's how you can see the first signs. Improper care of the azalea can cause diseases and pests. Azaleas are not only popular houseplants, many hobby gardeners also enjoy their beautiful blooms outdoors.
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Bedding plants

Australian tea tree care - tips for keeping pots

The Australian tea tree is used to other habitats in its home. If you want to keep the plant in the bucket, you should consider a few care instructions. Since the cultivation of an Australian tea tree is not necessarily the easiest and the myrtle plant with the botanical name Melaleuca Alternifolia can rarely be bought as a young plant, it is particularly important to take care of the plant properly.
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